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Company Profile

ONE Family Office Group Limited (ONE Family Office) is a Hong Kong-based multi-family office that provides independent wealth management solutions and other family governance solutions to families and individuals. We focus on serving High Net Worth (HNW) families based in Asia with our best-in-class professionals.

We typically cater to clients with assets ranging between US$3M to US$50M. We adopt a dynamic investment approach, which has been generating steady returns and allows us to be flexible in adapting to an ever-changing global market environment.

In addition to wealth preservation and growth, we provide a bespoke and comprehensive suite of family office solutions, including but not limited to corporate services, family account management, property investment, medical and education planning, family trust arrangement and tax advisory services.


Your Trusted Partner for the Road Ahead

ONE Family Office Group companies (ONE Family Office) provides tailored services in the fields of wealth management, property investment, corporate services etc.  ONE Asset Management (HK) Company Limited (CE No. BLB047) is licensed and supervised by the SFC Hong Kong.  ONE Corporate Service (HK) Company Limited has obtained a “Trust or Company Service Provider Licence” (Licence Number TC006484) authorized and regulated by the Companies Registry of HKSAR to conduct various Company Services.  ONE Property Consultant Limited has obtained an “Estate Agent’s Licence (Company)” (Licence Number C-087854) authorized and regulated by EAA (Estate Agents Authority).

Our Core Value

Our company logo is inspired by golden fruits on a tree, which is rich in symbolism.  The golden fruit represents material wealth that has been accumulated over the generations.  It also serves as a reminder of the hard work and endeavours of the last generation so we may enjoy the fruits of their work.  Lastly, the ripe golden fruit is a metaphor for spiritual wealth and a philosophy of life from a previous era.    

The golden fruit also a means of inheritance for future generations, where it serves as a form of nourishment instead of financial protection. It enables the next generation to have more vitality, creativity, and competitiveness, leading to more outstanding achievements and richer fruits.  

Rich fruits and lush trees cannot live without the nourishment from the trunk, represented as “F” letter in our logo, implying family.

We believe that harmony, happiness, and love are the nutrients of luxuriance trees, and family is the source of all motivation. The letter F also represents the concept of “Family First,” which is the key to open the door of wealth.

ONE Family Office services clients with the belief of “Family First”. We wish their trees to be lush, abundant, and evergreen.

Our Philosophy

Integrity defines who we are.

In ONE Family Office, we share this value and incorporate it into every piece of service we provide for our clients.  We seek to understand every client’s unique situation and needs, and offer solutions that best suit our clients. We are committed to protecting our clients’ data in a strict confidential manner. We strive to deliver investment returns that exceed clients’ expectations and do what is in the best interest of our clients.


Family Office is a private company that provides managements of one family or multiple families’ wealth, family governance and other family related issues, such as family wealth enhancement and succession, tax planning, family bank accounts’ integrated reporting, education for next generation and family value succession etc. In most cases, asset management will be the primary focus of family offices.  A family office can be a single-family office (SFO) or a multi-family office (MFO) depending on the number of families the company serves.


Family offices can coordinate professional services in the most cost-effective way for wealthy families so that these families can focus on their own enterprises or may choose to simply enjoy life without worrying one issue after another.

Given the growing complexity of managing, protecting and growing family wealth, family offices are fulfilling these needs by managing assets in a way that acts in the best interest of clients.


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