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I’ve been partnering with the investment professionals of the ONE Family Office for many years even before they set up this office, and I’m very glad to see them evolving from bankers to family office entrepreneurs. Their dynamic investment approach, over the years, has generated decent returns for my portfolio which exceeded my expectations. They understand my need, they know the market, and I feel very comfortable having them manage my wealth for my family.

CEO of family-owned company. Client since 2019.

I was introduced to ONE Family Office by a friend of mine as I looked for wealth management solution. Initially I was only expecting some stock or fund advices. It turned out not only they provided me with a full range of needs analysis in the very beginning, they also formulated a plan to invest in both the equity and bond markets based on my investment appetite and financial needs.

Not only that, knowing that I am in the education business, they happened to have a client who was also interested in education so they introduced him to me. We became partners eventually and my business has grown substantially since then. I really appreciate what ONE Family Office has dONE Family Officer me.

Business owner. Client since 2019.

I really like how ONE Family Office serves my family. I don’t know much about investments or financial trades, but whenever I have questions about my statements or anything, these people always explain to me patiently using simple terms.

My son also benefitted from their service – I brought my son to one of the events that focused on investments, and I am glad to see my son becoming more educated in finance and investment as he made new friends with financial professionals and other guests.

Business owner. Private investor. Client since 2020.

Our family is very delighted to have ONE Family Office as our partner. ONE Family Office professionals provided us all-rounded and unique professional services. Besides the traditional asset management, they also offered me a tailor-made insurance, trust and tax planning services.

A few years ago, ONE Family Office helped me set up an offshore private equity fund to finance my business project and eventually I managed to exit with very decent returns.

Business owner. Private investor. Client since 2019.

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